How To: Configure and use Apps Corner in Windows Phone

Security-wise its always good to be cautious, when it comes to making sure our private digital content stays private. If you find yourself sharing your Windows Phone with other people, be them coworkers, family members or friends, know the easiest way to limit the content they can access is by using the Apps Corner feature, which was implemented into the OS starting with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1.

With Apps Corner you can decide exactly which apps the people you share your phone with can use, but also restrict access to your Phone’s settings and several other features.

Configuring the Apps Corner

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap on ‘apps corner’.

Apps Corner - Main

3. Tap on Apps to select the apps other people can use on your phone and tap on ‘Done’ to add them to Apps Corner.

4. Tap on the ‘Protect my phone with a password’ option to set up a password for your lock screen. This is the only way other people can’t access your Start Screen from the Apps Corner.

5. You can restrict access to your phone’s Action Center and/or Settings (I find the latter extremely important) by turning these options off.

Apps Corner - Advanced

6. The ‘advanced’ panel lets you turn off a few more features for guests, specifically the ability to change the tiles on your Start screen and buttons for Camera, Search (also disables Cortana), Start and Back.

Using the Apps Corner

1. Go to Settings – > apps corner once again. To use the Apps Corner you can either tap on the ‘launch’ option or pin a shortcut on your Start Screen and launch it from there.

Apps Corner - Exit

2. To exit the Apps Corner simply press and hold the Power button and you can either swipe right to close Apps Corner or turn off the phone. The first choice takes you to the lock screen – obviously if it’s not password protected anyone can get to your Start Screen, hence the need to use a password.

With Apps Corner you can share your phone with someone else, but on your terms, without being afraid that others may be able to access your photos, messages, documents and other personal information.

Are you using Apps Corner? Is there anything that’s missing or you think might come as an improvement?

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