How To: Configure and Use the Google Cloud Print

In case you are searching for a handy solution about printing from devices, such as tablets, smartphones or desktops, you may consider using the Google Cloud Print. The Google Cloud Print is a service, which was created in order to simplify the printing process for Google users. Specifically, the Google users do not have to go through some annoying operations like installing printing drivers on their devices and etc. Let’s find out how you can set up and use the Google Cloud Print.

Set up a Google Cloud Ready Printer

The fastest way to start printing with the Google Cloud service is owning a Google Cloud Ready printer. If you want to learn more about the Cloud Ready printers, you could visit this page. There you will also view a list of all Google Cloud Ready printers.

For this purposes of this tutorial we are going to set up a Canon Pixma MX922. Be aware that a setup operation on other printers may probably differ. For this reason, you should use the available instructions of your printer’s manufacturer. Once you complete the setup process, you could go to this page, so that you manage all of your printers. There you will view information about your Google Cloud Ready printers.


Set up a Standard Printer to Google Cloud Print

In case you do not own a Google Cloud Ready printer, you could use your standard printer too. Let’s see how you can do this.

NOTE: In order to complete this process successfully, you should have the Google Chrome installed on your PC and you need to connect your printer. Finally, make sure that you have installed the latest drivers for your printer.

  • First of all, you need to enable the Google Cloud Print, while you install the Chrome browser. As a result, Chrome will work as a print server for the Google Cloud service and it will send documents to the printers, which you can access from the PC that you enabled the browser.


  • On the upper right corner of the browser click on the Menu button and then select the Settings option.
  • When you do it, the window of the Settings menu will appear, in which you should press Show Advanced Options. 
  • Then scroll down until you find the Google Cloud Print. Note that the button will display as Sign in to Google Cloud Print, in case you have not signed in your Google account yet. If you are already signed in your account then the button will display as Add printers. Click on this button.
  • A confirmation screen will show up. However, you can skip this step. Click on the blue button that says Add printers, found on the bottom of the screen. Once you do this, you will add all of your printers to your Google Cloud Print account automatically. After this, you can view or manage them on this page. As you will notice, you will be able to share your printers with your friends easily by using the Share button, shown on the screen. Furthermore, you could give your friends permission to use your printers. In this case the Owned by me description, which displays next to your printers, will turn into Owned by ”Friend’s Name Here”. 

Print from a Mobile Device or a Computer with Google Cloud Print

When you finish configuring your printer, you will be able to print from your mobile device, whether if it is an Android or an iOs device. In order to have a convenient printing experience with Google Cloud, there are many apps that support this service. You can view a list of them here. Undoubtendly, Chrome is the best solution, because it is widely supported but you could use other applications, so that you will find out which one suits you the most.

  • If you want to print something from your mobile device, click on the Settings icon that is located on the upper right corner of the screen. Next, tap on the Print option.
  • When you do it, a list of your printers will show up. Choose the desired one that you want to use and the process will begin.
  • If you want to print from your PC, you can press Ctrl+P in your Chrome browser and select the printer that you are going to use. In a Windows PC you can use the Google Cloud Printer with Chrome very easily.


  • On the other hand, you may encounter a few difficulties to print from an iOs device, because it is hard to find an app that support this service. Do not worry though, you can use Chrome or another Google app to print from this kind of device.

Google Cloud Print is a very helpful feature, due to its ability to allow you to print from any kind of device you want. Therefore, you will no longer have problems with printing your documents, as you will be able to print from anywhere you wish. The only downside of this service is its use with regular printers, because you will have to connect them with your PC, in order to work.