How To: Connect remotely to a Mac

Although we have covered Windows remote desktop capabilities before, we have not really talked about Mac other than a few references here and there. Some of the applications used on Windows can also be used on Mac and we will cover some of them here, along with a built-in utility. Apple also offers a Remote Desktop app in the iTunes store but it costs too much and does too little.

Screen Sharing feature


Although most users do not know this, Mac computers contain a built-in Screen Sharing utility that pretty much acts like a remote desktop program although it is essentially a VNC server. To enable this feature, click on the Apple icon on the menu bar and select System Preferences. Then, click on the Sharing icon and check the Screen Sharing checkbox in the left. There are two ways to connect to this Mac now. If you have another Mac in your network, open a Finder window, find the Mac you want to connect to in the Shared tab of the sidebar and then click on Share Screen. If you want to connect with a PC, you can connect directly through the IP address displayed on the share screen window. Notice that connecting over the internet requires port forwarding and you should also definitely set up a password beforehand.



This is probably the best remote connecting program in the market right now in my opinion. It supports an incredible amount of platforms, including mobile devices. This means that you can connect to your Mac from virtually any device and vice versa. Moreover, it is extremely easy to use as you can simply run it, get a password and immediately connect to the other device without having to set up anything else whatsoever.

Chrome Remote Desktop


As it currently stands, the Chrome Remote Desktop app works on Windows, Mac and Linux. However, it will also be available in Android and iOS very soon. It is also an extremely good application as it is very simple to use. It works very much like TeamViewer in that it gives you an “access code” that you can use to connect to a computer without having to set up anything else. You can also sync between Google accounts so it is very convenient if you are already invested in them.