Connectify Hotspot Lite: Turn your computer into a virtual router and share Internet connection with other devices

There are multiple uses for a utility such as Connectify Hotspot Lite, an application that allows you to easily turn any wireless-ready computer into a virtual router. In this manner, you won’t need additional hardware to share your Internet connection, just grab Connectify Hotspot Lite and you’re good to go.

Installation & Requirements

Running Connectify Hotspot requires .NET Framework 4.5 and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for 2012 Update 1 x86. If you don’t have one or both, you can allow Connectify’s installer to automatically download and install them (installing .NET Framework 4.5 will require a system reboot).

Users don’t have to perform any manual settings, Connectify’s installation being completely automated. Even so, the program will need a system restart to apply all its settings correctly.

Connectify Hotspot comes in two versions available in the same setup package: Connectify Hotspot Lite ( the free version which is under review) and Connectify Hotspot Pro (commercial application). Both versions run under Windows 7 SP1+/8, an older version being available for XP users.

Concerning hardware requirements, Connectify Hotspot supports a wide range of Wi-Fi cards and adapters, listed on the official website.


At first run, users will be presented with three different options: run Connectify Hotspot Lite, buy Hotspot Pro or try Connectify Dispatch. Since we are reviewing Connectify Hotspot Lite, we chose the first option.

Using the application is a streamlined process, even if it’s for the first time. The program launches a tutorial that guides users step-by-step into filing required fields and performing necessary settings in the related tab. To begin with, you will have to choose a Hotspot name (the free version is using the “Connectify-YourNameHere” format). You’ll also have to set up a password, which will allow other devices to connect to your Hotspot. After setting the Hotspot name and password, you’ll have to choose the Internet connection you want to share and you can press the “Start Hotspot” button to activate it.

Connectify Hotspot Lite includes some disabled features, only available in Hotspot Pro, such as firewall settings, and drag&drop file transfers. The free edition only lets you share Internet from other Wi-Fi networks, while the paid one also supports 3G/4G Internet connections and has an automatic selection option among other features.

The Clients tab displays three different panes: one for devices connected to your Hotspot, another for Connectify users from the same network and a third one showing previously connected devices.


– Quick, automated install process.
– Simple interface with only two tabs for Settings and Clients.
– A step-by-step tutorial guides new users into creating a Connectify Hotspot for the first time.
– Allows you to share your Wi-Fi Internet Connection with other wireless devices.


– The interface includes an ad banner and disabled features.


Even though it has limited functionality, Connectify Hotspot Lite offers a simple way to turn a laptop or wireless-ready computer into a virtual router without needing additional hardware. The straightforward interface and built-in tutorial turn the Hotspot setup into child’s play.