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We already discussed some apps that can be noteworthy replacements for your Android dialer and address book. We did not know about Contactive back then. Otherwise, it would have been number one on our list because what it offers is truly unique for now, and can give unprecedented advantage to those of you who work in the marketing, branding, PR, HR, sales, leads and anything that involves talking to a lot of people, new people.

Contactive taps into your social network account and your address book, multiplies that database by databases of Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, LinkedIn, White and Yellow Pages, Google Places, Gmail and Contactive’s own global directory to give you the caller’s full public profile even before you pick up. This way, you will know if you want to pick up at all, in case that’s some telemarketing agency. In other cases, you will be warned of who is calling, or have an idea of the caller’s recent updates on Twitter and Facebook, and thus have a tactical advantage to bring up a subject of interest in the conversation.

Contactive taps into publicly available information, so there is no snooping here, it just makes the information people make public about themselves available to you, and it does it fast.

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Universal Caller ID feature identifies over 600 million callers, of course, provided they have a social network account, or is listed anywhere in the White or Yellow Pages.

The Social Address Book feature lets you customize your address book for ultimate performance. It will update in real time, displaying your contacts’ social network profiles with posts and updates, phone numbers and positions.

Contactive 6Contact Updates feature gives you a unique cheat sheet with his or her social network profiles’ updates, so you are always in the know the moment the person calls you.

Contactive taps into the following social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Tango, Skype, Google+, WhatsApp, Yelp, Google Places and their own global directory.

The UI looks good and works like a charm, protecting you from unwanted phone calls and giving you tactical advantage in cases when you want to pick up, but could use some extra information on the caller.

Contactive also has a Chrome app you can pair with your smartphone. That way, you will see who’s calling in your browser window and your smartphone. The Chrome extension features rich caller dossiers with names, addresses, companies and positions, photos and updates on their social network profiles. The Chrome app syncs with your Android device and sends notifications on your computer’s desktop. Mind that you have to install and set up the Android app first, so that the Chrome counterpart would have something to sync with.

Contactive has another optional feature called CalendarID. Once you install and set up Contactive Free Caller ID, you can connect your Google Calendar to it, and get the CalendarID feature activated. What it does is puts important and relevant information in your calendar appointments. Say, you have a business meeting planned, and provided you input your vis-à-vis contact information into the entry, CalendarID instantly generates a profile for that person, with the same social network updates, company, position, contact and address information. CalendarID taps into public directories and social networks, its own global directory, and gives you a little insight on who you are meeting.

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The app acts like a personal spy, filtering tons of information and processing it in a matter of seconds, a job that would have taken you weeks otherwise. There used to be Rapportive extension for Gmail, which did pretty much the same for your Gmail contacts, but it got discontinued the last time I checked. It appears this sort of information digging tools are not Google’s favorite – the big G and FB guys do not like anyone else tapping into that information pool. Contactive was created by some New Yorkers who found a way to process that much data fast enough to deliver their users fast results before they pick up the call.

As far as Android dialer replacement is concerned, Contactive does an awesome job blending organized contact list, caller ID and social address book into one intuitive interface, and it feels like it’s the way it was supposed to be in the first place. Is that not the way you would have organized it anyway?


  • Spares you the trouble of picking up an unwanted call
  • Generates a cool cheat sheet of your caller’s most recent social network updates
  • Great dialer replacement
  • Organizes your contacts in most comprehensive ways, putting their social accounts information and updates in your address book
  • Lets you organize your dialer to have fast access to most important contacts
  • Keeps you up-to-date on your contacts’ events, birthdays, updates
  • Perfect for business owners and anyone in marketing, sales, leads and PR
  • Can help you prevent stalking
  • Identifies callers who are not in your address book, Facebook friends list or Twitter followers
  • A great time and money saver, facilitates research
  • Great features, usability and friendliness
  • Has a Chrome extension you can pair with your smartphone


Keep your eyes open when installing and setting up. On the page where the app suggests you send your contacts a notification that you are using Contactive, make sure to uncheck boxes on all pages, not just the first one. Otherwise, all your friends will receive the email notifications. There is an inconspicuous ‘Skip’ button, by the way.


A smart choice of the title – Contactive is the Cold War term used to name foreign spies whose numerous identities have been unmasked and put into a single file. In fact, the app acts like your personal pocket MI-6, profiling your callers before you pick up, and later continuously keeping track of your contact lists’ updates. A dialer, caller ID, address book and a spy wrapped in one elegant interface will give you unprecedented advantage over your callers. At the same time, it lets you put important contacts in prominent places and never let you forget about your friends’ and relatives’ birthdays and anniversaries. The app has a potential to revolutionize mobile communication in ways that should have been introduced already, considering how closely connected the tech giants are. At the same time, you social bees will finally see how much of your personal information is left in the open, for everyone to see, analyze, and store.