How To: Control volume level for individual apps on Android

It makes sense you’d want different volume levels for specific apps because after all, each has its own purpose. For example, you’re probably tweaking the volume while listening to music in your earphones and doing it again when video chatting with someone on Skype.

As it turns out, there is a way you can customize the volume level for each of your apps so whichever you choose to open, its sound output will be automatically adjusted according to your preferences. A new, free app called App Volume Control lets you do exactly that and if you’re interested in such a functionality keep on reading.

You can download the app from the link below to get started:

Download App Volume Control (Google Play)

After it finishes installing, open the app and tap on the ‘Click here to go to the services configuration screen‘ banner. This will allow you to enable the app’s Accessibility plugin, so select it from the list and toggle it on.

Now you can return to the main window of App Volume Control where you can see all your installed apps in a list. Select any app to tweak its volume levels and the next window offers 5 volume categories. You can toggle them on/off according to your personal preferences and use the slider to set the volume level for each.

The ‘When close tab’ default settings restore the previous volume levels of the app when you exit it, but you can customize those as well.

Note: Any time you open an app for which you customized the volume using App Volume control, you’ll be notified via a toast message. If you find it annoying you can easily disable this behavior. Launch App Volume Control and tap the settings icon at the top of the screen, then toggle off the ‘Notify with a notification‘ option.

Also, you should know App Volume Control can’t load your custom volume settings for two apps running at once. Instead it will set the volume for the last opened app of the two (or more) that are currently running. This is an Android limitation as it doesn’t allow using two different volume settings simultaneously, regardless which apps or services you have open.

App Volume Control is free, although it features ads – a small price to pay for its functionality to be honest. However, if you find them annoying or you simply enjoy the app and want to support the developer you can always buy the 1$ pro version to get rid of the ads.

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