Control volume by swiping the screen edge on Android

A large smartphone and small hands might make it difficult to use the volume buttons especially if you can’t use both of them. Also, having stuck volume buttons is even more annoying. For the sake of functionality, a cool little app lets you control volume by swiping the screen edge on Android devices.

Adjusting sound levels without using the volume buttons would normally require using the volume menu from the Settings app. However, an app called VolumeSlider provides a practical alternative which enables you to control volume by swiping the screen edge.

How to control volume by swiping the screen edge on Android

VolumeSlider enables you to swipe the edge of the screen in order to lower or raise the volume level. You can perform these gestures in any app, and you don’t need a rooted device or special permissions.

You can download VolumeSlider from the Google Play Store by visiting the link below. Alternatively, you can just search for its name in the Play Store app.

Install VolumeSlider (Google Play Store)

Once VolumeSlider installs, open it and a thin red bar will be displayed on the side of the screen. A popup window explains how to use the app. To change the volume you need to long-press somewhere on the red bar until your phone vibrates then you can swipe up or down to increase or lower the volume level.

You can close the popup and make sure the option called ‘VolumeSlider is on’ is enabled. Then, you can select the trigger area location and the stream for which you want to control the volume.

The free app enables you to control one stream (Media, Notification, System or Ringer), but if you find that you enjoy using it and need more, you can buy the ad-free version for the symbolic amount of $0.99 which would allow you to control 2 or 4 streams at the same time.

With everything configured, you can finally start using the on-screen volume slider. As explained in the pop-up shown in the app, you will need to long-press on the trigger area on the side of your screen until the device vibrates. Then you can slide up or down to change the volume level. A toast message will be displayed on the screen to let you know the current volume level. It’s as simple as that!

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