How To Convert iOS Photos from HEIC to JPEG

One of the latest capabilities implemented in iOS 11 is support for the HEIC image format. We’re going to discuss how you can convert iOS photos from HEIC to JPEG, and also what benefits this new format brings to iOS users.

Apple has implemented HEVC and HEIF media formats because they ensure smaller media files, which means you can capture and store a lot of photos and videos on your device.

HEIF stands for High Efficiency Image Format – the name is pretty self-explanatory, right? It was designed to store images in smaller sizes but interestingly, there’s no compromise regarding quality. In fact, the quality of these files is higher than it is for the JPEG format.

HEIC is the file extension for the HEIF format which can include one or more images, and even audio. A HEIF image is roughly half the size of a JPEG which means you get to store twice as many pics using the same space. Pretty cool, right?

How to convert iOS photos from HEIC to JPEG

If we would look at iPhones just as them being cameras, they’re certainly among the top sellers. This means that Apple has the tools to make the HEIC format popular but for now, it’s not a common format, which means there are barely any platforms and apps supporting it.

For example, Windows 10 doesn’t provide support for HEIC, which is the main reason you’d need to convert iOS photos from HEIC to JPEG. For this to happen, we’re going to use a simple and effective online converter. While there aren’t that many online converters that support this format, we can also recommend this heic to jpg online converter.

convert iOS photos from HEIC to JPEG

All you need to do is open in your web browser and then you can load up to 30 HEIC photos then convert them to JPEG. You can add the photos via drag and drop or click on the down arrow to browse for them.

If you’re worried about security, it’s worth mentioning the images you load to the online converter are only kept on the servers for 30 minutes, after which they are deleted. It’s also worth mentioning the conversion process is super fast, but you might get the occasional error.

While there are not many alternatives right now, sometimes you might want to convert HEIC images to other formats, such as PNG for example. For this case, we recommend AConvert’s online tool which also provides a handy resize option during the conversion process. You can also use it to convert HEIC to other image formats.

HEIC is an excellent image format but until it becomes popular you can get past its general lack of support using the HEIC to JPG converter. It’s also worth mentioning that your iPhone automatically converts HEIC photos to JPEG when you share them via WhatsApp or Twitter, but it will affect the resolution of the output image.

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