Convert video or audio files using VLC media player

There are many options online to convert audio or video files but since VLC media player is a very popular player and it’s widely used, few people know that you can actually do more with this player. Yes, that’s right, you can also convert video and audio files using VLC easily.

How to convert your media files using VLC

If you don’t have the player installed, we definitely recommend you to. Go to our downloads section and download VLC. After you’ve installed the player, just go to its menu, click on Media then select the Convert/Save option or if you like shortcuts, just use CTRL+R.

You’ll now be prompted to add a media file. Use the Add option in the right side of the window and choose your media file you need to convert.

Once you added the desired file, use the Convert/Save option at the bottom right of the screen. Now in this last window, you’ll need to select the format you desire from the large selection presented by the dropdown.

As you can see, there are many options for both audio and video formats to convert your media file. What’s more interesting is that VLC has also the option to convert your video to use on your Android phone/tablet or your iPhone/iPad, if you plan on transferring some movies to watch on the plane. VLC also lets you convert your video files for YouTube uploading, in both standard and high-definition. This is an excellent option for YouTubers or people who want to upload any videos fast on the platform.

Once you’ve chosen your desired format, VLC will start converting your video and depending on your hardware and media length, you’ll wait a bit until the conversion is complete. As you can see, you don’t need any fancy paid video/audio editors to convert your media files, at least if you don’t need any specific codecs or options.

That being said, VLC is still an awesome media player, we can’t recommend it enough and while it’s widely used, few people know about these “little” options.