How To: Convert your videos with VLC Media Player

VLC media player

One of the lesser known tools that VLC provides is the ability to convert video and audio files. Although it does not provide as many options as a standalone program and it certainly is not as fast, it is still a very handy utility that you can use on the spot. Since VLC supports so many operating systems and is, in my opinion, one of the best multimedia players out there, it is good to know about extra tools like this one. This is especially true if you are only planning to convert a couple of files and VLC can do it for free. It has to be noted that the conversion can be quite hard on the system, especially if it is an older one so keep that in mind before proceeding as you might not be able to use the computer for its duration.

VLC conversion

First, start VLC. Click on the Media menu and select the “Convert/Save” option or simply press Ctrl + R. Drag and drop your desired files in the window or use the Add button.  When you have added the files, click on the Convert / Save button on the bottom of the window. A new window will open that will give you a ton of options for the conversion. Click on the drop down list to select one of the available presets or click on the wrench/screwdriver icon if you want more settings. You can even click on the “Create new profile” button if you want to create one from scratch. Once you have also selected a destination folder, you can Start the conversion process.

VLC conversion settings