How To: Copy-Paste from Mac to iPhone with Scribe

Any office worker or freelancer knows the real value of his best productive hours: you are at your laptop, doing your best, the keyboard is steaming, and ideas flow as they were coming from an infinite source connected to the great Universe itself. Then, suddenly, you get a skype message from a friend with some super cute koala bear, or Justin Bieber, or yet another hilarious parody to Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball. You friend is obviously laughing his head off, and you feel overwhelmingly tempted to check it out right now.

That’s it; the end of your productivity. You are stuck with YouTube, twitter, or that darn HuffPost with all their grand news you just can’t take your eyes of, and the next thing you know is your best hours have slipped away, and you did nothing but staring at cute and funny sites like a zombie.

If you know what I am talking about, you probably turn off your skype and other IAM clients when you set to work. However, they do not protect you from occasionally taking a “quick” look at your favorite forums, or news feeds and drifting away from the tasks at hand.

In many cases, the problem would have been solved if you could just throw that link to your iPhone and watch it later as you commute back home. Here is when Scribe comes handy.


Scribe is a new app available for iOS devices and it works by connecting your Mac to your iPhone wirelessly via Bluetooth. As a result, you can send texts, links, phone numbers, notes, images, whatever to your phone without having to resort to oftentimes heavyweight synchronization apps and cloud storages. All you need to do is use a simple pre-defined keyboard command to send something from your Apple computer to your iPhone. Here is how it works.

You need to install the app on your Mac and iPhone, of course, and the two will then communicate via Bluetooth. Once you come across something you want to read or watch later, you highlight it and press Command+Shift+X on your Mac keyboard. Your phone then automatically displays the copied content on the home screen as a push notification.

You copy this on your laptop
Scribe Desktop

And you receive this on your iPhone
Scribe iOS

Besides the quick access to funny YouTube videos, Scribe comes handy when you need to handle contact information to your iPhone in a quick and convenient manner, especially if you are in a hurry. You can quickly send the contact details to your phone and make the call, or send a text message, or AirDrop, or just copy. The same can be done with links that can be open automatically in your default browser.

Scribe 1

Scribe replaces the good old “email to myself” method you probably use when you need to save some links and process them later. The only small disadvantage here is the Bluetooth, which limits your ability to transfer images between the two devices.

The desktop app costs $2.99 and requires an iOS counterpart, which is free on iTunes.

You can download Scribe from iTunes here.