How To: Copy text from any dialog box in Windows

If you’ve been using Windows for a while, you probably came across various system dialog boxes that don’t allow you to copy the text they contain.  Sometimes, this can come in handy and there is a simple way to copy text from any dialog box in Windows.

Texify is a small, free tool that lets you copy text from windows and dialogs which don’t natively support this function. It saves you the trouble of manually transcribing that information, so with this app, you can just use the classic Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut to copy the text.

The application is portable, so it can be directly launched as there is no setup involved. Just download the program, extract the archive’s contents and double-click on the executable to run it.


Copy text from any dialog box in Windows

With Textify running, hold the mouse cursor over the text you want to copy and click on the shift + middle click shortcut. Then, it will open a box with all of the text that was displayed by the dialog, and you can copy it like any other piece of text – using Ctrl+C or from the right-click menu.

Copy text from any dialog box in Windows

The Shift + middle click shortcut is the default one, but you can easily change it. You can use other mouse buttons, as well as other control keys like Alt and Ctrl.

Textify 3

Furthermore, you can use the -hidewnd command line switch to run Textify in hidden mode.

As you can see, the app is just a simple, yet functional utility that lets you copy text from any dialog box in Windows, including the ones that normally don’t allow you to do this. Also, Textify supports all recent Windows editions from Windows 7 to Windows 10, for both 32 and 64-bit versions.

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