Core FTP Mini SFTP Server: A tiny FTP server

Core FTP Mini SFTP Server is a completely free FTP server that will allow you to securely transfer files between computers by establishing a safe FTP connection that you can manage freely.

Installation & Requirements

No installation is required for the application. You simply need to download the file, put it in a folder of your choice or simply run it right from your download folder if you wish. Theoretically, the program should run on pretty much every Windows version with no additional requirements.


There is not a whole lot to say about the interface of Core FTP Mini SFTP Server. As the name would suggest, this application is extremely lightweight and extremely small. You cannot host an actual FTP server but you will simply establish a secure FTP connection between the computers you want and use them to transfer files. People that you add to your network will be able to browse your files and pretty much do whatever they please with them. If you want to secure your files you will need to change their permissions so that only you can modify them.

The only thing you actually need to do in the program is to set up a mini account. You can enter any user name and password you want. You must also enter a root folder which will be the accessible folder for anyone in your network list. In the very bottom of the small interface you will be able to see the addresses of anyone that connects to the server as well as their status. The port should not be changed unless you have reserved it for something else which is highly unlikely. If you are having any kind of trouble with the program it might be because your firewall is actively blocking that port. If that is the case, you will need to forward the port in order for the application to access it.

As far as options go, you do not have that many options again. Clicking on the Options button will bring up a small window with three choices, namely enabling zlib, nagle and SCP. The about button will give you the version of the program and a link to the product’s website where you will be able to find more updates and more information about the program, although you will probably not need it. After you are done with your connection, you can simply close the program and it will be like it never existed in your computer.


-No installation required and very light on the resources
-Extremely easy to use since you only have to set up a few details
-Fast, easy and secure connection for your file transfers


-Extremely limited


If you are looking for a tiny but secure FTP server, then Core FTP Mini SFTP Server will do just fine. If you keep the program’s limitations in mind, then you will find the easiness of the program quite the delight.