Cortana Memo reminds you where you left your keys

    Sounds average right? You can practically write down where you leave the keys on a piece of paper and take a quick look at it if you forget where they are. But that’s not what Cortana Memo is about.

    Cortana Memo is a Windows Phone app that took advantage of the OS’s intelligent personal assistant to become a very good note taking app. It practically lets you add memos through text and voice. And while it’s super easy to use – I don’t think any Windows Phone user will have any problems harnessing its power – it also offers all the essential features you’d need from such an app.

    Voice and text memos

    Adding memos using voice commands make the process so much faster and it can be really useful while you’re driving. To add a voice memo all you have to do is launch Cortana and say “Memo, remind me to buy a present for Kevin on Friday”. Obviously you can say pretty much anything and the app will add it as a memo.

    Which I find even more useful is that through Cortana integration you can also ask the app to answer any memo-based question. Say you forget on which day you have to buy Kevin a present. Now all you have to do is ask Cortana Memo “Memo, when do I have to buy Kevin a present?” and you’ll get your answer. So much better than scrolling through an endless wall of notes, trying to find the right one!

    Altough text memos seem like a plain feature, it would be a shame if the app wouldn’t support them. There are times when you can’t or don’t feel like speaking commands to your phone, so it would be weird if you wouldn’t have the option to add a simple text memo.

    Memo management

    Cortana Memo shows all memos as a list of colorful tabs, which you can easily edit or delete. I appreciate the app is letting users pin an unlimited number of memos to the Start Screen. In those situations when you don’t need a reminder, perhaps having a sticky note right on your phone’s screen can be more suitable to your needs.

    While I do love the simplicity of this app, I would appreciate if the developers would consider adding sorting and categorizing options for memos. Management is a lot easier when you have them nicely grouped into categories.

    As an added bonus, the app is free. Most free apps include some form of IAPs or at least an add banner. Surprisingly, this one is an exception. Also, those who value their privacy will be thrilled to find out the app doesn’t come with unfounded requirements such as owner and phone identity.

    All in all, Cortana Memo is definitely a good app to have around and the fact that it’s so simple makes it appealing even to those who still cherish their cassette deck.

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    Did you get a chance to try Cortana Memo? What’s your take on the app?

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