CoverFactory: Create your very own virtual covers

Nowadays, you can easily create a personalized digital items like e-books and CDs. However, since making a cover for them is quite a mundane and difficult job, CoverFactory will make it easy on you.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process is quick and easy. You can choose to launch the application and the help documents right after it is done. During the first run, the program will have to process some data but it is quite quick. The supported operating systems are Windows 98, NT 4, 2000, Me, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


Using the program to create projects or edit existing ones is quite easy. Click on the respective buttons and follow the application’s comprehensive instructions.

When you create a new project, the first thing you will notice is the many different types of covers you can go for like books, magazines, CDs, floppy disks business cards and even more types that will let you customize your cover however you want. Almost all the choices have a custom part as well where you can edit everything.

Depending on what you have chosen, you will have a myriad of options regarding the images you want to insert, the background colours of your cover, whether or not you want different images for different parts of the cover, shadows, reflections and special effects. You can customize each one of those to an incredible extent so that no two covers will look the same. If you just want to check out the process, the application offers two sample images that you  can use so that you better learn how to use the different bits and pieces of the program.

When you have put all of that information, you can edit the image further with some editing tools that closely resemble an image editing program, albeit in a very basic form. All the parts of the images such as the top and the bottom can be edited individually for more control over your images. When you are done, you can view the completed product in the Render tab. Keep in mind that unregistered products will have a big “Unregistered” sign on them as the application’s trial is nothing more than that. A nice addition is the ability to add barcodes so that your covers are very unique and you can recognize them even from potentially very similar ones.


-Easy to use interface even for those who have no experience with image editing
-Intuitive options allow for a lot of creativity in creating the perfect cover image
-A lot of options regarding the specific cover format as the application caters to very specific niches
-Further editing of the images ensures that no two covers are the same


-Cover images created with the trial version will not look good with the sign on them


If you find yourself using a lot of personal e-books, CDs and DVDs and you want to customize them to your personal preferences, then CoverFactory might be what you are looking for. Just keep in mind the limitations of the trial version and you will be good to go.