Create GIFs and Short Animations with Legend – Animate Text in Video

Legend – Animate Text in Video

Developer: Stupeflix Inc.
Price: free, Offers in-app purchases or $1.99 full
Download from Google Play | iTunes

Legend is a nifty little app that lets you boost your visibility on social networks, bring color and life to your chats and let you go creative expressing your thoughts in a more vivid video or GIF manner. Let us see what it does.

The iOS version is premium while the Android port is freemium, which means some basic functionality is open while the premium features are locked under a $2 purchase.

At its core, Legend is a GIF and short video creator. It makes it really easy to put your words into a colorful short animation. The app lets you type the text, mind that it has a limit of up to 100 characters. Alternatively, you can pick a random quote suggested by the app itself, and the selection is quite good so far.

Here I feel like expanding on that text part a bit because the paid features include some really cool ones. First of all, you can change times, distances, percentages and durations, add #hashtags, @usernames and *markdown – they will be highlighted. If you type a single word it will be formatted as a W.O.R.D., unless you choose another style.

You can add quotes, emojis, punctuation and line breaks – Legend watches out for these markers to pace the animation accordingly. It also animates numbers and understands colors. So, if you type “yellow” it will color that word accordingly.

What happens next is you can either add a custom background image, or apply a theme. The UI is pretty straightforward and intuitive. If you choose to use an image for the background, you can either choose from your Gallery, or search Flickr right from within the app’s built-in browser. Crop and add.

If you choose to go picture-free, you just skip that step, and proceed to the themes. Themes are basically fonts and animations. There are some 20 themes, 6 of them are free, others are paid and available as a standalone $2 in-app purchase. Some stand for the fonts and design styles, others for the color scheme and a filter that applies to the image to highlight the text. There is not much tweaking here, since the themes come as bundles consisting of a font / animation and background / font color. Nonetheless, the selection is neat.

Legend (1)

While in that editing window, you can tap Settings and choose the square shape for Instagram or landscape in three different sizes. Preview your creation and choose how to share or save it.

You can share it on most platforms that support GIF or video sharing, so Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, Vine and Instagram count, as long as you squeeze in the required size. Saving is possible in a video MP4 format or a GIF. I had a few issues with the saving when two projects just vanished – they showed up as saved from my Notifications bar, but showed up nowhere in the Gallery. That glitch aside, the app delivered as advertised and I could share an animation on Twitter, via WhatsApp and save videos and GIFs to my library.

Twitter integrated GIFs for a reason – visual appeal clicks with more users, so Legend comes around quite handy when you need to express something creative, genuine, unique and attract more attention to it, make it go viral among your circles, and beyond. Apart form promoting your precious self on the social networks, Legend is a fun way of adding more color and thought to your messaging routine and entertain your friends and loved ones. We recommend it.