CrossLoop: Ready, Set, Remote Access

Regardless if we were looking for a way to get remote access to a friend’s computer, give remote presentations or remote PC assistance, the need for programs that can handle these tasks has been the catalyst behind the abundance of remote access software that hit the market lately.

The list of programs in this niche is quite long and hard to keep track of, but amongst the sea of remote access software stands out those who are able to bundle together all the necessary key features, security and ease of access for any type of user.

Such is the case with CrossLoop, an easy to use remote access program that offers highly secured remote control sessions, file transfer and most importantly, speedy access to a remote computer without the need of creating accounts, firewall rules or opening ports.

CrossLoop Share

A good program shows its value starting with the installation process, no matter if it’s shareware, or freeware like CrossLoop, and in most cases a smart setup which offers a touch of depth and customization is a great asset.This characteristic gives value to a program in most circumstances, but it doesn’t apply when the software in question can be used in troubleshooting or remote assistance. CrossLoop understands this phenomenon and offers a swift installation process with no adware, and very little options to choose from, except for the dozens of languages that are laid out in front of you as soon as you fire up the installer.

As far as the OS compatibility goes, CrossLoop supports Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OSX 10.6 and there is also an Android version of CrossLoop which is currently in the beta stage of development.

System requirements are very low as you can see below:
Windows: 500 MHz CPU, 128 MB of RAM, 2 MB HDD space, Broadband internet connection
Mac: Intel CPU, 500 MB of RAM, 20 MB HDD space, Broadband internet connection


The same rule stating that “simplicity is the key” applies to the user interface as well, and CrossLoop stays true to it, delivering a minimalistic but functional user interface. There is very little to tell regarding what CrossLoop has to offer in terms of looks, but in a nutshell, everything is written in clear text, the two tabs which are used to switch between Access and Share are rather hard to miss and connecting to a remote computer is a quick task with the help of a randomly generated access code which changes every time the user starts the program.

However, this simplicity comes at a price and we must remain objective in order to avoid any future dissapointment. Truth of the matter is that CrossLoop lacks some key features, such as the ability to offer remote presentations, but of course the average user will most likely not miss these bells and whistles.

Interestingly enough there is a PRO version of CrossLoop which tends to focus more on offering some extra services for those who aim at using CrossLoop as a business opportunity, such as remote PC assistance.


– Extremely accessible and easy to use even by the most inexperienced users
– Free to use without any adware present
– The PRO version is much cheaper than what you pay for similar programs in this niche


– Some features are missing altogether or are to be found in the paid PRO version


The competition is quite rough for CrossLoop, as we move the spotlight on TeamViewer, one of the best alternatives to CrossLoop that you can find. TeamViewer offers the same features as CrossLoop and then some more, at no additional cost. The downside is that TeamViewer is much more expensive when it comes to buying a license for commercial use.

Another alternative to CrossLoop is LogMeIn, a remote access program that offers a very large array of features but, as it is with CrossLoop, a paid license is required to have access to the most interesting elements such as file transfer and printer sharing.


Undeniably, CrossLoop lacks some of the features that can be found on similar programs, but the average user will most likely let these missing elements get past unnoticed. On the other hand, CrossLoop offers a user friendly interface and an equally simple method of accessing a remote computer. Furthermore, due to the relatively low price, CrossLoop PRO might get the attention of smaller companies or entrepreneurs which are willing to offer remote assistance for a fee.