Cursor Hider: Quickly hide or show your pointer

When you are doing something in your computer, you have undoubtedly moved the mouse cursor away from a program, video or text at one point or another because it got in the way. Cursor Hider wants to do that action for you by automatically hiding your cursor whenever you are typing or watching something so you do not have to worry about it.

Installation & Requirements

The installation is fairly simple, although you should uncheck the option at the end that says “Show offer” as you will be redirected to a product’s offer page, asking you to buy something. The program is compatible with pretty much every version of Windows, including the older ones.


When you load the application, you will immediately notice that it is running in the system tray but no window actually comes up. This is because the program works automatically with the default settings, leaving you free to simply leave it running and go about your business. Every other option and configuration setting is performed by right clicking on the system tray icon and selecting what you want to do.

Although it runs fine by default, configuring it is generally a good idea as you can personalize it to suit your needs. I found that the program works wonders when you just spend a few minutes configuring it as I really did not have to do anything else after that. It never stops working and it never bugged out for my whole run, making it one of the most stable mouse management applications out there.

The difference is noticeable immediately as the “dreaded” mouse cursor is simply hidden from view whenever you perform an action. For example, the program was running as I was typing this review and the cursor did not bother me once. It is simply brilliant for most situations, including chatting, watching videos or simply typing a website’s URL in your browser.

Because of the fact that everyone is used to moving their cursor away manually, the application can take some getting used to but that is obviously not a bad thing. After I had used the program for a while and went on another computer, I found myself wondering why the cursor would not hide itself and was annoyed to have to move it away every time. It definitely sounds like a simple thing but it just changes the way you work with your mouse right on the foundation.

Apart from the main feature that is hiding your cursor, the application also offers a few extra utilities to make your life even easier. All of this is handled through the Options menu, making everything accessible at once. These utilities will let you launch applications with a few keystrokes, change the language with keyboard shortcuts and more.


-Quick to set up
-Can simply leave it running without intervention
-A decent amount of options
-Extremely convenient
-Extra utilities like all-new keyboard shortcuts


-A bad English translation


If you are even a little curious about what Cursor Hider does, go and download it immediately. It is an insanely simple feature but once you use it once, you just cannot do without it.