How To: Customize the Action Center on Windows Phone

The Action Center is available in Windows Phone starting with the 8.1 Update – a long overdue feature present on iOS and Android since ages ago with an undeniable usefulness. But it truly becomes useful when you make it your own, so let’s not hold a grudge and make the best of it.

1. To begin with, head on to your phone’s Settings and tap on ‘notifications + actions’.

Windows Phone Settings - notifications + actions

2. The first thing you can do is to change your quick actions. Just tap on any action icon and choose another from the list.

3. The ‘Show notifications in action center when my phone is locked’ option lets you see all your notifications from your phone’s Lock screen. If you choose to disable it, the Action Center can still be accessed from the Lock screen, but the notifications won’t be displayed.

4. All your installed apps that come with support for notifications are listed in this section. Tap on one to customize its notification behavior. Disable the ‘Show in action center option’ and you won’t get any notifications from the app.

Notifications + actions - App settings

5. With the option enabled you can choose to ‘Show notification banners’. The option lets the app display a banner at the top of your screen when it sends a new notification.

6. You can also set a notification sound for the app. It can be any of the ringtones you have on your phone. Setting it to ‘none’ means you only get text notifications (very useful for non-urgent notifications to avoid your phone annoyingly beeping too often).

7. The ‘Vibrate’ option will make your phone vibrate when a new notification arrives, as long as your ‘Ringtones + sounds’ settings allow it.

The Action Center offers the easiest way to stay up to date with everything that happens on your phone, but also to quickly access frequently used settings. The Lock screen can also display notifications to a certain extent so you can view the most important stuff without having to go to the Action Center every time.

What apps are showing their status in your Action Center? Let us know in the comments section!

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