How To: Customize the Freestyle layout on HTC 10

HTC 10 lets you personalize the home screen, something that should definitely be appreciated since it’s a stock option and doesn’t require installing third-party apps or launchers. You can customize the Freestyle layout on HTC 10 in various ways and truth be told, the Sense 8 UI lets you tweak a lot of options.

Freestyle layouts come with interesting capabilities. For example, you can assign app shortcuts to various stickers, as well as hide the app labels completely and have beautiful shortcuts that blend into the background.

If you’re looking to enable and customize the Freestyle layout on HTC 10, you should know you’ll need to go through a few steps although the process is very easy and we’ll detail it below.

Customize the Freestyle layout on HTC 10

Customize the Freestyle layout on HTC 10

To start, you’ll need to open the customization menu for the layout, which you can do by pressing and holding on a blank area of the home screen. Select ‘Change home screen layout‘ and then the ‘Freestyle layout‘ option.

Customize the Freestyle layout on HTC 10

Now you can see various themes you can choose from.

Customize the Freestyle layout on HTC 10

All of these themes are customizable and once you find one you like, download and apply it like a regular theme.

Customize HTC Freestyle layout -44As you can see, the home screen is very different at this point. All the usual elements are still there, but they now blend with the theme and are not very distinguishable.

The stickers (such as the balloons, the trees, and so on) can be repositioned on the screen.

Customize HTC 10 Freestyle layout-4Also, you can tap and hold on an empty area of the home screen once more, to access a comprehensive menu from where you can add stickers, show or hide their labels and even set a different theme among other things.

If you select the ‘Add stickers‘ option, you can then choose the app you want to add on the home screen, and in the following menu, you can assign it to a specific sticker and set its home screen location.

Once you customize the home screen to your liking, you can enjoy the new theme and the pretty app shortcuts disguised as background elements for a seamless look without the classic Android icons.

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