How To: Customize what Google Now will search and index on your Android device

Google Now is not just for web search, it can also offer search results from your phone’s contents like files, apps and contacts. This can come in handy sometimes, but it’s even more useful if you customize what exactly the app can search and index, removing those things you’re not interested in for cleaner and more accurate search results.

While not incredibly complex, the present Google Now search customization options will let you tweak its search and index behavior to a certain degree. To begin with, you have to launch the Google app on your phone.

Google Now Settings

Tap on the hamburger menu found in the left side of the Google Now search bar and go to Settings.

Google Now Phone Search

Now open the Phone Search section. Here you have all content types that Google Now can index and search through – Apps, Chrome, Contacts, Play Music and Web Autocomplete. By default all of them are enabled, so feel free to turn off the ones you’re not interested to see in search results.

As you can see, when it comes to apps, you can simply disable the indexing for names of installed apps and you can’t customize this setting on a per app basis. The same goes for the rest of the categories featured in the Phone Search menu.

Hopefully, Google will update the Google app at some point with extended configuration options for phone searching and indexing. Even so, the current settings can be useful, at least if you want to remove an entire content category from Google Now search.

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