[How To] Customize the navigation bar on Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have an awesome navigation bar you can customize. Just as expected, it’s very easy to customize the navigation bar on Samsung Galaxy S8 which enables you to change its color and even the button order.

This is possible thanks to the S8’s Infinity Display and while I’m sure everyone enjoys customizing their phone to a certain degree, this might be even more useful for those who switch to an S8 from an Android device since they will be able to make the nav bar look more like the old one.

How to customize the navigation bar on Samsung Galaxy S8

In order to customize the navigation bar on Samsung Galaxy S8, you must first open the Settings app and go to Display. Next, tap on “Navigation bar”.

On the following screen, tap on “Button layout” and you’ll see you have the option of choosing between “Recents-Home-Back” and “Back-Home-Recents”. Select whichever works best for you.

Another option worth mentioning is “Unlock with Home button”. With this option enabled, the Home button will be displayed even when the screen is off. Hard-pressing on it will take you right to the home screen but if you have a password or another security measure in place you would still need to enter it.

It’s also possible to change the nav bar’s background color but keep in mind that it will always be transparent on the Home screen. This means you get to see the color you’ve set on any screen except on the Home screen.

As you can see, the Galaxy S8 has several preset colors such as white, black, pink, light blue and so on.

set custom color for Samsung Galaxy S8 navigation bar

Nevertheless, if you click on the rainbow-colored option you can set a custom one from a color wheel. Just press “Done” once you’re happy with your selection.

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