Customize your Android wallpapers for a unique look

While there are many ways to customize your Android device, perhaps the wallpaper is one of the most simple, yet important ones. Wallpaper Modder is an interesting app that allows you to customize your Android wallpapers, so you can make the same image look very different in more than one way.

Instead of changing your home screen wallpaper, you can simply edit the existing one with Wallpaper Modder. The app lets you tweak brightness, contrast, and saturation, as well as invert colors and apply a blur effect. Also, it doesn’t matter if the wallpaper is a photo in your camera roll, a background you downloaded or an image that came with the phone.

How to customize your Android wallpapers with Wallpaper Modder

To install Wallpaper Modder you can tap on the link below to open the app’s Play Store page or search for its name in the Play Store app.

Download Wallpaper Modder (Google Play)

After you install the app you will need to grant it permission to access your home screen images so tap on ‘Allow’ to continue.

In the app’s main menu, your current home screen wallpaper will already be loaded and available for editing, which is certainly convenient. However, if you want to customize another image just tap on the three-dot menu button, select ‘Load image’, then tap on ‘Load from gallery’.

All of the available options are shown directly on the main screen so once you select the image you can start to customize it.

The image editing options are just essentials but they do make Wallpaper Modder easy to use and depending on how you tweak the values you can get some very dramatic changes. Simply tap on the check mark located at the top of the screen for the new wallpaper to be applied on your home screen or lock screen.

The app is free to use for the most part, bu if you want to save the custom wallpapers you create with Wallpaper Modder, it can only be done via a $0.99 IAP.

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