Definitionado: A fun and challenging word game for Windows Phone

Those who want more from a game than a simple means of combating boredom and/or making time go by faster should definitely try Definitionado, one of Windows Phone’s latest additions. It’s a word game with simple rules inspired by crossword puzzles. You get a clue about the word and a set of mixed up letters and those are the only two things you can use to find out the right answer.

The game was previously released for Android and iOS, but now Windows Phone users can also enjoy it, especially since it supports even low end devices. The game has 11 levels containing a total of 540 puzzles – so there’s much work to be done before reaching the end of Definitionado.

If you’re having trouble finding out a word, the game offers several actions:

  • Reorder – shuffles the available letters (free)
  • Remove – removes a letter from the set that isn’t needed (100 coins)
  • Reveal – reveals a letter contained by the word (100 coins)
  • Solve – solves the puzzle (300 coins)


As you can see, only reordering is free (it will just shuffle the available letters), the rest will cost you coins. Everyone starts with 500 coins and for each correct answer you get 10 more. Definitionado is a free game, although coins can be purchased in-game. Some of the clues are very obvious but you’ll find plenty for which you may need to put on your thinking cap.

I like the crossword puzzle inspiration. Definitionado is very similar to the classic game, except there are no crosswords. There is no in-game timer and this make it feel very casual and relaxing. It’s a fun time waster that also brings a decent challenge and works out your brain muscles while you’re at it.

If you enjoy word games, I recommend Definitionado – clean graphics, simple rules but increasingly challenging levels and the clue can be anything from the word’s description to idioms, riddles and trivia.

DefinitionadoWindows Store download

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