Defraggler: The “generous” disk defragmentation utility

When it comes to the condition of our data which resides quietly on our computer’s HDD, it’s necessary or at least advisable to keep things in an orderly fashion so that whenever we might happen to look for something, we can find it without being forced to “dig” into a pile of forgotten files and folders. There is no doubt that most of you are able to keep your computers well organized but, how much do you know about what’s behind all that facade?

You might not be aware of this but the way you organize your files and folders is not reflected in how the data is allocated on your HDD. The reality is that although a single file can be placed within a folder, on the physical disk that same file might not be written continuously from top to bottom. In fact, that particular file could be scattered all over your HDD resulting in slower performances, higher loading times and unnecessary extra work from your HDD whenever the file in question is in use.

Of course, you are not able to see how fragmented your files actually are without a proper defragmentation program but luckily there are quite a few such utilities out there that can help you with the file fragmentation problem, and most of them are free. Such is the case with Defraggler, a disk defragmentation tool capable of defragmenting your entire partition as well as individual files, and offers support for both NTFS and FAT32 file systems.

Defraggler Main

Installation & Requirements

Defraggler is a free disk defragmentation utility and somewhat a rare breed as far as the ability to buy a license goes. By using the freeware version you are able to benefit indefinitely from all of the features offered by the program, but you are also given the option of buying a home or “At Work” license for commercial purposes. Buying a license will not alter or upgrade your version of Defraggler in any way but you will benefit from premium support from the developers.

Additionally, the installation process is free of any adware so, bottom line is that Defraggler can be easily labeled as a respectable program which gives you the full experience without imposing for payments, but it then lets you decide whether or not you should support the developer by making a donation or buying a license. Undeniably, this benevolent attitude deserves our appreciation.

As far as system requirements go, Defraggler is available only for the Windows platform, but offers both 32 and 64 bits support for Windows XP/Vista/Win 7. Defraggler is a highly portable program and so it grants the ability of copying the executable to any device or USB flash drive and run it on any computer without the need of undergoing an installation process.


The quintessence of any program created with the purpose of optimizing your computer -thus making your PC experience better- is to provide a user friendly interface bundled together with high functionality and straightforward design. Defraggler delivers this experience and does not hinder the user in any way.

It’s not long before you notice that Defraggler is quite rigid when it comes to offering customization options, but from a program in this niche the lack of themes or other such features is to be expected. Even so, you will not have to worry about the lack of customization too much as the interface looks pretty neat as it is and from the very first use you will most likely get very familiar with everything Defraggler has to offer. Speaking of which, one of the best elements that are placed at your disposal by Defraggler is the ability to defragment individual files without being forced to endure the lengthy and tiresome full partition defragmentation.


– Free for use without any restrictions whatsoever
– User friendly interface
– Extremely portable
– The ability to defragment individual files is a precious asset


– Does not provide information such as “time elapsed” and “estimated time remaining”


Not counting the disk defragmenting utility that comes bundled with any Windows OS, there are some alternatives to Defraggler that can be found out there, such as Auslogics Disk Defrag, a freeware disk defragmentation tool that offers a compact user interface and fast results.

A second Defraggler alternative is MyDefrag, a freeware tool which offers a sense of depth to the entire defragmentation process. MyDefrag is based on the Microsoft API and offers support for a larger array of Windows operating systems. The user interface is not as user friendly as Defraggler’s is, but the power-users might feel more inclined towards using MyDefrag.


Defraggler is beyond shadow of a doubt one of the best options currently available when it comes to choosing a disk defragmentation utility. It’s highly portable, user-friendly and it offers the ability to defragment individual files, one of the best features ever to be found on any disk defragmentation tools.