How to: Delete An Archive of All Your Voice Searches From Your Google Account

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If you are an avid Ok Google user, you must have made quite a few intimate confessions to Google without ever thinking you’re speaking “for the record.” As in, “Ok Google, why are my parents such a pain in the butt?” or “Where to buy fake Swarowski with 24 hour delivery?” One way or another, Google keeps a very creepy archive of all your voice searches and commands on its servers. In case you happen to be a privacy-minded person, this archive may make you feel ill at ease or creep the hell out of you, especially if there is someone determined to poke their nose into your affairs.

In case you didn’t know, all your voice searches are listed in your Google account, with a comfy “Play” button next to each. Here is how you get to them:

There, you can take a tour of your voice searches, listen to them, ponder on “What the heck was I thinking when I said that out loud?” and check the boxes next to the ones you wish to delete. Eradicate them from your history by pressing the button that appears at the top of the screen once you select at least one item.

You can also delete the entire archive, as you would with any search history and Youtube browsing history in your Google account. To delete your entire archive, tap the three-dots menu and select the option to delete the entire archive.

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