[Tip] Delete multiple contacts from iPhone at once

If your iPhone’s Contacts list has gotten out of hand, perhaps it’s time for a cleanup. We have a simple solution for you, that makes it possible to delete multiple contacts from iPhone at the same time.

iOS doesn’t provide a way to remove multiple contacts from the Contacts app so unless you want to manually delete them one by one, give Groups a try. This is a very useful app that lets you delete multiple contacts from iPhone in one go.

How to delete multiple contacts from iPhone

The first thing you need to do is to install Groups. You can click on the link below to go directly to its iTunes download page or search for its name in the App Store app.

Download Groups (iTunes)


After the app finishes installing, launch it. You will need to grant Groups access to your contacts so tap the “OK” button when prompted.

remove multiple contacts from iPhone simultaneously

In the app’s main window, look under the Smart Labels section. There you can see some interesting contacts categories, such as the ones that have email, phone, photo, and even those which are uncategorized.

You can select any of these categories and remove them all at the same time. For the purpose of this guide, we selected the “Has photo” category.

delete multiple contacts from iPhone at the same time

On the following screen, you can see all the contacts that have a photo.

delete multiple iPhone contacts at once

Simply check the ones you want to remove then tap on “Choose Action”.


All you have left to do is press the “Delete Contacts” button in the pop-up menu.

delete multiple contacts from iPhone

Since you’re about to delete multiple contacts, the app will ask you to confirm this action one more time, so tap on “Remove from my iPhone!” when prompted. That’s it!

Groups makes it very easy to clean your Contacts list. Another interesting capability of the app is it can find duplicates and allows you to merge these entries. Also, you can organize your contacts into custom groups, send messages and emails to multiple contacts at once, and even personalize the text you wish to send.

On top of that, there are more useful features related to contacts management in this app, so be sure to give Groups a try and let us know if you like it.

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