How to: Delete Music from Your Apple Watch

Apple Watch needs to be in your iPhone’s proximity for many features like notifications and answering calls, but it can function on its own for a number of other awesome features. One of them lets you basically turn your Apple Watch into an iPod and listen to your favorite music on the go. By default, Apple Watch has 1 GB of storage for your music, but you can extend it and store up to 2GB of music on your device, and enjoy it by pairing your Bluetooth headphones or speakers with the gadget. Here is how you can do it. The best part is your Apple Watch does not need to be in your iPhone’s proximity for this.

Since the storage is still an issue in modern days, you might want to remove the playlist. Maybe you want to add a different one, or just use that space for something else. Regardless the reason, here is how to remove a playlist from your Apple Watch.

  • First of all, ensure your Apple Watch is charging before you proceed with the playlist removal. You should know it is necessary the Apple Watch is charging during the adding or deleting of the music playlist.
  • Next, take your iPhone.
  • Tap the “Watch” icon on your Home screen.
  • Check if “My Watch” screen is active. If it is not, tap the “My Watch” icon at the bottom of your iPhone’s screen.
  • Choose “Music.”
  • See the “Synced Playlist” – this is where your current playlist is stored. Tap on Synced Playlist.
  • The list you have stored on the iWatch is labeled as “Synced” and has a check mark next to it.
  • Now, scroll to the end of the list and tap “None.”

Thus, you un-sync your playlist and effectively remove it from your Apple Watch. If you did it right, a check mark appears next to “None.”

To make sure it’s done, choose your Apple Watch as the music source and try to select a playlist. You should see a Notification saying there is no music available.

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