Deluge: A lightweight cross-platform BitTorrent client

It is no exaggeration to say that the BitTorrent network has grown to gigantic proportions in recent years and with them came tens of torrent clients as well with Deluge being one of them.

Installation & Requirements

The installation is simple. Keep in mind that if you do not want torrent and magnet files associated with the program you will have to uncheck their respective boxes. You might also have to allow the program through your firewall depending on your settings. Deluge supports a huge variety of operating systems including Linux, Mac OS and Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8.


The program dons quite a conventional look for a BitTorrent client. In the main window you can view all the torrent files that you have added as well as information like downloading speed about the ones you are currently using. If you click in any torrent you can also view more detailed information about that specific torrent like the average downloading and uploading speed, the file size, file names, connected peers and more. You can also set various options for specific files if you do not want to impose global settings for all the files.

Adding a torrent file is easy. The standard way is to download the torrent file you want from the internet and open it. You can also browse your computer through the application, drag and drop the file inside it or provide a link. That way the application can automatically grab the torrent from the URL you have specified.

Downloads start automatically but you can choose to pause and stop any torrents at will. The application by default is pretty barebones. However, it does support a variety of plugins that you can download from their website which can help you customize it as much as you want. There are a lot of supported official and third party plugins and a very big list of unsupported ones which you can find all over the internet with a simple search. Lastly, you can easily create a new torrent using the application. Simply choose the option from the File menu, add the files you want and the application will do the rest. Then you can choose to start uploading it immediately or choose to upload it to your favourite torrent sites.

Keep in mind that downloading and uploading copyrighted material is a criminal offense and is no way supported by the application or Filecluster.


-The interface is extremely easy to use

-A variety of plugins help personalize the experience

-Adding and sharing torrents is very easy


-The application itself is very basic and quite similar to others


Deluge is one of many in a sea of BitTorrent clients. While it is not offensive by any means, it also does not offer a lot compared to other clients. However, if you want a simple client for downloading and sharing files you cannot be blamed for choosing the simplicity of Deluge.