Desktop Icon Toy: Customize your desktop

Desktop Icon Toy is a fantastic application that will let you alter your desktop icons to have different effects with a ton of options that will lighten up your day.

Installation & Requirements

The setup process is very simple with nothing to worry about. The application supports all versions of Windows since 2000. Be sure to grab the appropriate 32 or 64 bit version for your system.


To access Desktop Icon Toy you need to right click on the tray icon. There is no actual interface for the application but you have all the options there that you can change the changes will appear on the spot. If you want your options to be more concentrated, you can go to the options menu where you will have all of the options conveniently placed in one window with several tabs. The changes you make here are also applied in real time so that you can check them out on your desktop immediately.

Although the application does offer some basic functions like placing icons wherever you want and changing their size on the spot, the more advanced options are the more interesting ones as well. You have options for both the icons themselves and the way your mouse interacts with the. For example, you can set a dancing effect when you hover your mouse over the icons. That means that when you move your mouse over any icon they will start moving in a “dancing” effect. There are more mouse effects like a tooltip giving a short description of an icon when you mouse your mouse over it.

Another amazing feature of the program is the layout one. There is a huge list of different layouts that you can use. Whenever you choose one, the icons will automatically be arranged to represent the layout you have chosen like a clock, a heart, a hexagon and a lot more. You can adjust the position, whether or not you want to reset them when you start Windows and you can even set a random layout each time you start Windows. Do not worry about messing around with the layouts and rearranging your icons like that because you can always restore the default layout and the icons will be moved to their original position.


-Fast installation and minimum resources required
-A ton of customization options
-Changes are made in real time so that you can immediately know if you want to keep them or not
-The ability to restore everything to default if you are tired of the custom layouts


-None worth mentioning


Desktop Icon Toy is a perfect excuse for everyone to spend a few minutes messing around with the computer and having a bit of fun while making their day in the office a little bit less mundane.