DesktopOK: Save and restore your desktop layout

DesktopOK is a free application that lets you easily save your desktop layout and restore it at any time. However, the best part is that it also includes automated layout save options, so you’ll never have to do this task manually again.

Installation & Requirements

DesktopOK is a portable application: extracting the downloaded archive will reveal a folder containing the executable file and a .ini file which comprises the configuration settings. Double-clicking the application will launch it right away. Of course, you’ll have to agree with the license terms but the dedicated screen is only shown at first use, so you’ll never see it again.

In our case the UI’s default language was German, but the problem can be quickly fixed by clicking the small flag in the lower-left corner and choosing your language. The program runs on Windows 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Server 2008 and 7.


DesktopOK’s interface looks a bit outdated, although it is functional and will allow you to use the program right away. The most common actions: Restore, Save, Delete, Rename, Sort menu and Help form the program’s toolbar.

From the program’s main menu, titled DesktopOK, users can access layout save and restore options, but also minimize the program to tray. The Tools Section has options for rearranging windows, hiding the mouse cursor and desktop icons when the mouse is not active, using the mouse wheel for bringing a window to the front or changing the sound volume (when scrolling on the taskbar), Alt-drag mouse-enabled shortcuts for moving/resizing windows and a System menu with shortcuts to commonly used areas such as task manager, user accounts and system information.

The Options menu provides some very useful features. To begin with, the Save Options submenu lets users change the default naming format for saved layouts, keep only one saved layout/resolution, keep the last 4/8/16/32/all saved layouts and edit the configuration file.

Auto-Save options lets users to enabled this feature to automatically save the current layout every 15 minutes/hour/6th hour/daily/on Windows startup/on Windows shutdown. If you don’t want to end up with multiple copies of the same layout you’ll probably find the “only if changes the layout” options very useful.

Restore options by Windows startup/from selected layout are also available in the Options menu and you can set DesktopOK to automatically start at system boot and/or in the system tray.

The Punch the Icons feature might seem a bit weird, since all it does is scramble the icons on your desktop, but it might be useful to test a previously saved layout. Even if you don’t have any saved layouts, if you use the Punch the Icons option, the program will automatically save one.


– Portable application with no installation needed.
– Allows you to save and restore desktop layouts.
– Auto-save feature can be customized in frequency and number of stored layouts.


– The English UI contains a few minor grammatical errors.


DesktopOK is not hard to use, although it has plenty features for desktop layout save and restore. Our favorite one is without a doubt the auto-save functionality. With this option enabled you’ll never have to worry about losing your desktop layout again.