Destiny 2 will get increased Season Pass prices in Season 21

Bungie recently announced that the Season Pass cost would significantly increase after the commencement of Season 21. The increase is quite notable, as it is a substantial 20% compared to the earlier price. This news was shared in a This Week At Bungie blog post, where the developer mentioned their plans to “assess novel strategies for delivering post-launch content during The Final Shape’s year.”

As The Final Shape represents the conclusion of the ongoing Light and Dark narrative in Destiny 2, numerous players started questioning the future of Season Passes. Regrettably, it appears that their prices will undergo a hike from $10 to $12 USD per season. Consequently, starting with the Season of the Deep, players can anticipate the following price points:

  • Season Pass: 1,000 Silver -> 1,200 Silver
  • Season Pass + 10 Ranks Bundle: 2,000 Silver -> 2,200 Silver

The Season Pass has been a point of contention for some players, as it hasn’t provided much value beyond a sense of obligation created by the repetitive tasks they’ve invested time in. This isn’t the only concern, though, as the new price is also at odds with the way Silver is allocated in the game’s shop. In Destiny 2, Silver is available in various bundles at different prices. For example, $5 gets you 500 Silver, $10 gets you 1,100 Silver, and so on. To cover the Season Pass cost, players must purchase $15 worth of Silver ($5 + $10 bundles) unless they already possess the required amount.

This pricing change feels like an added inconvenience for players, particularly when considering that the price for Destiny 2 expansions has already risen from $40 to $50. It’s important to mention that the Season Pass price will stay the same for the remainder of the Lightfall standard edition and the Lightfall + Annual Pass edition of the game.

It’s not entirely sure why Bungie decided to do this price increase, seeing how players already showed discontent regarding this issue. It will be interesting to follow the players’ reaction to this news and how this will shape the future of Destiny 2.