Dexclock: See the time & date on a great looking wallpaper

If you’re using a gadget or app to show the current time or you’re simply not satisfied with the minuscule version offered by Windows in the taskbar, give Dexclock a try. This free application lets you set special wallpapers as your desktop background. They don’t just look great, they also show the current date and time.

Installation & Requirements

Dexclock’s swift setup includes only a few basic settings, namely language selection, license agreement and destination folder, but pay attention to the third-party application that’s offered during the installation.

The tiny application is free and runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 with no additional requirements.


Dexclock resides in the system tray and from the icon’s context menu you can do several things. The first one is choosing your wallpaper clock. The application comes with only 4 wallpaper clocks includes, but there are more available for download (link is also provided in the context menu – Get more wallpaper clocks).

For each of the wallpapers you can see its resolution, author name and of course just like in the case of a regular, static wallpaper you can change its positioning (center, tile, stretch, fit, fill). If you really want a high-quality wallpaper it’s best to choose one that’s the exact size as your screen, since for any downloadable wallpaper the author offers it in many different resolutions. From the same window you can change the clock folder, if you are not satisfied with the location of the default one.

The Settings panel, also accessible from the tray icon’s context menu offers only a few options: automated program start at system boot, restore regular wallpaper on exit and show the tray icon.


– Quick and simple installation.
– Straightforward settings let users easily switch between wallpaper clocks and change their folder.
– Many wallpaper clocks are available for download online.


– None worth mentioning.


Dexclock is not a very complex desktop clock application, although many users might appreciate the program for its simplicity. If you want an easy way to enjoy wallpaper clocks, which are not just stylish, but also useful, Dexclock does the job.