Dexpot: Customize and use up to 20 virtual desktops

Dexpot is a powerful application that lets you create and customize multiple virtual environments. Those working with multiple open documents, windows, browsers and other applications can easily organize them in multiple desktops using Dexpot for increased productivity.

Installation & Requirements

Dexpot has a basic install type with typical setup screens. The program is free, but only for private use. Depending on the category you fall in, during the setup you’ll have to choose the 30-day trial for commercial use or the private use and benefit from the free version of Dexpot. Also, be sure to uncheck the third-party app which the installer attempts to push onto your system, unless you want to try it.

Dexpot supports many Windows editions, namely XP, 2000, 2003, 2008, Vista, 7 and 8.


Like most desktop customization apps, Dexpot also runs in the system tray. It doesn’t have an actual interface since you can access all the functions Dexpot can offer from the tray icon’s menu. The default number of desktops is 4, but you can have up to 20 if that’s what you want. The number might be exaggerated for most users since 20 virtual desktops can be hard to manage despite Dexpot’s related options.

Users can switch between desktops using customizable keyboard shortcuts, the tray icon menu, directly from the Desktop Manager or from a small toolbar that appears right above the systray area. You can view all open windows from the current desktop using the Window Catalog option and also a preview of all the virtual desktops using the Full-screen preview option.

Each desktop can be configured to have a different resolution, refresh rate, screensaver, wallpaper, password and many other aspects. The Settings panel is also feature-heavy although very well organized with relevant categories.

Here you can thoroughly tweak Dexpot by changing the number of desktops, the behavior of desktop components like Desktop Manager and Desktop Preview, customize keyboard shortcuts for actions such as switching between desktops, moving & copying windows between desktops, accessing desktop components and many other aspects. The list is impressive and beginners might feel overwhelmed at first. Even so, a lot of the options are straightforward and the developers provide all the explanations one might need in the online documentation.


– Allows you to have up to 20 virtual desktops.
– Previews are offered for all desktops and all currently open windows from the current desktop.
– Accessing and switching desktops via customizable hotkeys.
– Allows you to assign applications to specific desktops.
– Customizable in almost every aspect.
– Supports wallpaper clocks.


– There is no direct link towards the online documentation in the program.


The extensive collection of functions, options and settings make Dexpot a powerful desktop customization application especially for seasoned users. Nevertheless, even beginners could start using some of Dexpot’s basic features right away and take it one step at a time towards the more complicated ones.