How To: Disable apps from being installed or deleted on iOS

I could think of various reasons for which you wouldn’t want someone else to install new apps, uninstall existing ones or make in-app purchases on your iPhone or iPad. Kids are one example that comes to mind – sometimes they don’t realize what exactly it is they’re doing.

There was actually a recent case of someone’s child purchasing IAPs worth of thousands of dollars and he didn’t know he was using real cash to buy those game boosters. If you’d like your apps to remain exactly as they are, there’s an iOS setting which lets you do that.

Despite the fact you’ll have to skillfully navigate through the Settings app, the process is fast and painful.

Open the Settings app and navigate to General -> Restrictions.

iOS 9 - Restricitons passcode

You’ll be prompted to insert a 4-digit passcode. This should be a new passcode (it’s not related to your phone’s passcode in any way).

After you create the passcode (be sure to choose a combination you can actually remember), the restrictions menu will be displayed. There are plenty of options available in there (feel free to explore them), but we’ll be focusing only on those relevant for this guide.

Scroll down untill you see the “Installing Apps” and “Deleting Apps” options. They are enabled by default – which means that as long as your phone is unlocked anyone using it can install new apps and/or delete existing ones.

Toggle off the switched for both of these options if you want to restrict app installs and deletion. This way, when someone attempts one of these actions they will have to enter the passcode you just set. With “Installing Apps” disabled, the App Store will be hidden and toggling off “Deleting Apps” will make it so app icons can only be re-positioned on the screen.

Lets not forget the Restrictions menu also provides a “In-app purchases” option which you can toggle off (just like the two other mentioned above) if you’d like to be sure no one can buy extra lives in Candy Crush Saga, unless you share your passcode with them.

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