How To: Disable Auto-Play videos on Twitter and Facebook (Android, iOS and the web)

Just like advertisements, autoplaying videos will make your phone use more data and there’s always the chance you might not want to watch some of them. As you might have already experienced yourself, social media can show some gruesome or shocking videos, which most of us definitely do not want to see.

Both Twitter and Facebook show autoplaying videos by default, but the feature can be easily disabled in these apps and we’ll show you how to do it, regardless if you have an iPhone, an Android device or prefer using their web versions.

Disabling auto-play videos on Twitter

For Android, open the Twitter app, tap on the three-dot menu on the top right of the screen and enter the Settings.

Twitter - Android

There, go to General -> Video autoplay and select either ‘Never play videos automatically’ or “Use Wi-Fi only” if you’re just trying to lower data usage.

On iOS, open your profile page in the Twitter app and tap on the gear icon to enter its Settings. Now select ‘Video autoplay‘ and depending on what you want enable ‘Never play videos automatically‘ or ‘Use Wi-Fi only’.


Twitter - iOS

You can do the same for the web version of Twitter, by heading into your account’s Settings and unchecking the ‘video autoplay‘ option found under the Content category.

Disabling auto-play videos on Facebook

In the Facebook app for Android, open the Settings menu and tap on the “Video plays automatically”. Unlike the Twitter app, Facebook only lets you turn it off completely, which is what you should do since there is no other option like keeping it enabled while on Wi-Fi.

Facebook - Android

On iOS, tap the More menu icon on the bottom of the screen, tap on ‘Account Settings‘ found in the lower part of the list, then on ‘Videos and Photos‘. Now select Auto-play then enable the ‘Never Play Videos Automatically‘ option.

Facebook - iOS

On the web version of Facebook, go to your account’s Settings and select the Videos category. There you can set the ‘Auto-Play Videos’ option to Off from the drop-down menu.

Facebook Web Settings

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