How To: Disable Skype auto-start on Mac

Keeping Skype set to automatically launch when you start your Mac can be very useful as it will ensure others can reach you via Microsoft’s service. However, as of the latest update, some users are experiencing problems with Skype’s auto-start.

The annoying problem consists of Skype popping up on the screen at system start which is probably not what users expect. I can only guess that like me, most people want to see their desktop when the system starts.

While it does take only a short time to close Skype’s window, when you have to do that every time your Mac starts it can get boring very fast.

How to stop Skype from starting automatically on Mac

Regarding auto-start at system boot, Skype doesn’t use specific app settings for this and uses the default system startup settings. With that said, here are two ways you can use to disable Skype from starting automatically on your Mac.

Method #1

Open the Skype app on your Mac and navigate to the Dock.

Press and hold the Ctrl key (do not release it), then right-click on Skype’s icon.

1 Disable Skype Auto Start on Mac

A menu will pop up. Deselect the ‘Open at Login‘ option. Problem fixed!

Method #2

2 Disable Skype Auto Start on Mac

In the upper-left corner of the desktop screen, click on the Apple logo and select ‘System Preferences‘.

3 Disable Skype Auto Start on Mac

Now click on ‘Users & Groups‘.

4 Disable Skype Auto Start on Mac

Select your account name to continue.

5 Disable Skype Auto Start on Mac

The next step is to click on login items.

With Skype selected in the list, click on the minus sign next to it, to remove it from the Login Items list. From then on Skype will not start automatically on your Mac.

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