Disk Redactor: Make sensitive data disappear forever

What many people do not know is that when you simply delete files on Windows, it can still be recovered and that can be a double edged blade. For people that want to completely erase information from their systems, Disk Redactor does the job.

Installation & Requirements

The whole setup process is simple and gets completed very fast. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


The whole application has only one window and using the wiping option is very easy. Simply click on the “Wipe Disk” button, find the disk or the specific folders you want and you are done. It should be noted that the program will not delete any files that currently exist in the folders you want wiped. It only permanently erases the traces of files or folders that you have already deleted so that they cannot be recovered or seen through conventional recovery tools. The program even states so in the main window. That means you should not worry about selecting a folder with other important data in it as it will not even touch them. It will only look for deleted files and eliminate them, thus disabling their restoration through various means. If you are still having trouble or you simply wonder how the application works and have questions, you can always click on the help icon which will take you to the product’s help page.

The options tab of the application is accessible but you cannot actually choose anything as it is preserved for paying users. You can only view it so that you know what you will be getting if you pay for the program’s license. There are various options relating to the application and your files, like erasing data two times, a simple test to check the disk for writing errors and the option to fill the space with random data. Lastly, if you are a free user, the application will take more of your CPU. Only paying users can enable the option for the application to work in the background, thus taking less CPU usage.


-Very fast installation
-Since the application’s main feature works in a few mouse clicks, it is extremely easy to use for everyone
-Even free users can expect the wiping utility to be quite fast, at least for an average number of files and folders


-Free users cannot access any of the more advanced options that would be very helpful and convenient


If you really want your deleted folders to stay deleted, you should really check out Disk Redactor. Even though the more advanced options are reserved for paying users, free ones can still use the application’s main feature and prevent your files from being recovered.