Disk Speedup: Optimize your hard disks

As time goes on, computers get fragmented data, junk files and unorganized sections that slow it down. This is precisely why optimizing and defragmenting a drive with a special utility like Disk Speedup is essential to the well-being of the drive as well as its speed in the test of time.

Installation & Requirements

The setup is standard, with the options to select an installation path and the creation of shortcuts being present as always. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 in both 32 and 64 bit versions without any additional requirements.


Being a fan of dark and elegant designs you should understand my excitement about the interface. Apart from some annoying banners and such, everything else about the interface is really great. It is neatly divided into several sections that can be navigated easily and information is always presented in a clear and concise manner.

There are two sets of tabs, one at the left side and one at the top. The one at the top side lets you select a tool and the one at the left shows you the steps of each process. For example, the Optimizing tool comes with the Welcome, Scan, Results, Optimizing and Finish tabs to complement it. This way of doing things feels very fast and precise as you always know what kind of thing you are looking at. It helps that the application is very responsive, whether you want to navigate to a location or to stop a process from running.

As far as the tools go though, there is one very important thing to understand first. The application’s free part ends in the scanning department. It will let you find and identify problems in your computer via any of the tools but it will not give you any options unless you buy the full version. The trial version is just so that users can see if the program works in their computers, even though blocking the most important aspect of the program is not exactly great.

Still, even the free tools can give you a lot of information about your computer. Sure, the application might really bug you about buying the full version but you will understand whether or not you actually need to use a tool. I guess this is more directed at experienced users, especially when looking at all the options you can play around with. The scanning, cleaning and optimizing processes are all fully configurable and advanced users will definitely love that.


-Beautiful interface that is a breeze to navigate
-Complete set of optimizing tools
-Great configuration settings let you customize everything
-Fast scans


-Trial is limited to scanning only


Optimizing your computer’s health and speed should always be a number one priority and Disk Speedup will let you do that easily. While the program pretty much forces you to pay if you want to have any actual progress, its tools are still worth it.