DJ Music Mixer: Audio editing package

DJ Music Mixer is a shareware audio editing suite that offers a load of recording, mixing and editing features for all of your favourite audio files with some very powerful utilities.

Installation & Requirements

Simply agree to the EULA and the installation will begin, automatically creating desktop shortcuts on the way. Some of the features will require the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack which is free to download. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


In contrast to a lot of audio editing applications, DJ Music Mixer’s interface is very neatly organized and does not feel cluttered at all. All of the different utilities like the equalizer and the sampler can be accessed through their respective tabs which make the interface a lot less clunky.

At the top of the interface are the two decks. Adding songs is as easy as dragging and dropping them inside the application and then loading them up to whichever dock you want. The application will automatically retrieve the album art for the songs. Beneath the album art you will have the various loop options and next to them you will find the pitch slider. Between the two decks you will find the crossfading options and the visual effects options. To change the crossfade options simply click on one of the various icons and then choose the transition sequence. You can check the crossfading options before you even play a track so that you know which one you want.

You can also access all of the different tools at the bottom simply by clicking on their names. There you will can customize and experiment with both of the decks individually, both before you start playing the tracks and after where you will be able to see the changes in real time. Some of the features like the free samples are not included in the trial version.

The final tab of the application offers a basic recorder. There you can record your files and then immediately edit them with the application from the same window. You can even edit their tags, their quality and various other parts of the output audio file before you start the recording. You can then drag and drop them to the decks sand start editing immediately. You can also record samples and use them in the appropriate tab.


-Fast installation
-A lot of customization options
-Extremely easy to use
-Clean interface


-Somewhat limited features


DJ Music Mixer is a very good audio editing application, especially for beginners. Although some of the more advanced options might be missing, the application offers a user-friendly interface to make up for it.