Doculus app wants to speed up document editing tasks on your iPhone

Reading long documents that include a large amount of information is not just a tedious task, but also a time consuming one. Plenty of professions require doing this on a daily basis, and not just for one document – the limits of the human brain can make such a repetitive task very inefficient, and even lead to errors.

Doculus is an incredibly useful (and free) document viewer for iOS that aims reviewing and managing documents and email attachments faster and more accurate. It’s perfect for contracts, sales, agreements and other similar types of files. The app summarizes these documents which makes it very easy to review only specific sections without all the pinching and zooming.

The table of contents is automatically generated for each document so you can easily read only the parts you’re interested in, plus it shows comments and redlines too. On that note, it also lets you add new comments and reply to existing ones. If multiple team members are working on the same document, the app can handle this too, since it lets you filter comments, changes, and mark-ups by person.

Regarding email attachments, these are automatically imported to Doculus and you get notified when it happens. The document viewer currently supports Google Docs and Word file formats, and PDF is planned to be added soon – this will definitely be a useful addition, despite the fact Doculus is already an incredibly functional app.

If you need to review lengthy documents on a regular basis from your iPhone, do give Doculus a try and then come back to let us know how you liked the app.

Download Doculus for iOS (iTunes)

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