Double Driver: Portable utility for driver backup and restore

A tool that lets you backup and restore drivers can be a great time saver when performing a fresh OS setup, but it’s also a reliable solution when you don’t have the original driver CDs anymore. Double Driver is one of the friendliest backup & restore utilities, with straightforward options that will not cause any confusion or require advanced technical skills.

Installation & Requirements

Since Double Driver is portable, you can use it right away after extracting the contents of the downloaded archive. The program is free and runs on all versions of Windows XP, Vista and 7.


Double Driver’s functional interface doesn’t contain any hidden options, all of the being displayed in the top menu. The Home section shows an activity log of the program, which records all actions and events.

The Backup option lets users scan their system to display all drivers and create driver backups. You can create backups only for specific drivers, non-Microsoft drivers (selected by default), Microsoft drivers (using the Invert function) or all drivers. When creating a backup, users will have to select a destination folder and the output type (structured folder, compressed folder or self-extracting executable).

The Restore function requires the user to locate the backup and load it into the program first. Then, all the drivers contained in the backup will be listed. Just like the backup function, restoring is possible for specific drivers, non-Microsoft/Microsoft drivers and all drivers.

Using the Save and Print options selected drivers can be saved as a text file or printed directly. Backup and restore processes are speedy and do not require too much system resources, so you will be able to carry out your usual activities while the program is performing any of these tasks.


– Free, portable utility.
– Straightforward UI allows users to easily backup and restore drivers.
– Drivers list can be saved as text or send to the printer.
– Backups can be saved as structured folders, zipped folders or self-extracting executables.


– Online help page is still under construction.


Double Driver is a reliable tool for backing up and restoring drivers. The interface is clean and straightforward and the backup and restore processes are fast and do not eat up too much of the system’s resources.