How To: Download your Google Play music to your device


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Google Play Music is a fantastic app, giving you access to so many songs at a low price. It also has a brilliant interface and a host of features, one of which is the ability to download your music for offline playing. However, downloading long lists of tracks is not exactly an intuitive procedure. There is no button that will just let you download of your music at once, probably because Google does not want you to. To combat that we are going to use a neat workaround that will let you download all of your music in one swift strike.

Downloading your music for offline use

Although I have already talked about the merits of the Google Play Music app, we are not going to be using it for now. Instead, you will have to go to the website of Play Music. Log in if you have not done so already and head on over to My Library. Navigate to the Songs panel and select the first very song in your library. Scroll all the way down to the bottom while pressing your Shift button and then click on the last song of your library. This will simply select every single song you have in there, a necessary process for our next step.

Play Music Add Playlist

When you have selected everything you will see a grey bar appearing at the top. Click on the three dots menu and select the option that says Add to playlist and then New Playlist. Give it a name and description of your choice and click on the Create Playlist button. Now that your entire library is in a single playlist, you can head over to the Play Music app to download it. Tap on the headphones icon in the upper left corner to bring up the menu and select Playlists. Right under the header it should say All Music. If it says On Device instead, tap on it and change it. After that setting has been configured, scroll down till you find your newly created playlist and tap on it.

Play Music New Playlist

Downloading the playlist is fairly simple now. Just tap on the pin icon and let Play Music do the rest. Once the icon turns orange it will mean that the music has been successfully downloaded in your device! Obviously, this will take a huge chunk out of your data so it is a very good idea to be using Wi-Fi for this. Also make sure you have enough room left in your storage for your music, otherwise some tracks will not be downloaded. Now that all your music is here, downloading new music should be much easier as you will not have go through all of it individually.

Play Music Playlists

Accessing your music anywhere

Now that we talked about getting your music on your device for offline listening, how about we also talk about how to get it on any device you want? Google already lets you download songs in your computer but it has a limit. Each song can only be downloaded twice and after that you are prohibited from downloading it again. Thankfully, rooted devices can do whatever they want and this is no exception. You can find the actual mp3 files and retrieve them so that you can use them anywhere you want. If you are unsure about the rooting process, check out our guide right here to learn more about it.

The only thing you will need after you have rooted your device is a file browser. A lot of phones now include a file manager by default but there are plenty of offerings in the Google Play Store too. Two fan-favorites are ASTRO File Manager and Root Browser but there are a lot of others you can get via quick search of the store. For references, the mp3 files from Play music usually reside in:

data > > files > music

Play Music Root

All of your downloaded music will be there so you can easily grab it and transfer it wherever you want.