Download the “Shut Down Windows” shortcut in Windows 10

The traditional way of shutting down Windows is to click the Start button and then access the power options but there’s a faster way to do it.

How would you like a desktop shortcut that will directly open the “Shut Down Windows” menu? Sounds great, right?

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Download the “Shut Down Windows” shortcut in Windows 10

The shortcut we’re talking about opens the classic “Shut Down Windows” menu. You’ll be able to download the “Shut Down Windows” shortcut in a moment, right after we explain how it works.

Download the "Shut Down Windows" shortcut in Windows 10

To open the “Shut Down Windows” menu the old fashioned way you just need to press Alt+F4 while the focus is on the desktop.

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The “Shut down” option is the default one so if you want to shut down your PC you simply need to hit the OK button. However, the drop-down menu includes the complete list of power options specifically:

  • Switch user – Saves the current user session and switches the active Windows user.
  • Sign out – Ends the current Windows session and shows the login screen.
  • Sleep – Places the operating system in sleep mode.
  • Shut down – Completely stops the operating system.
  • Restart – Shuts down and starts Windows again.

The shortcut you can download below opens the “Shut Down Windows” menu we described above so you won’t need to use the Alt+F4 shortcut anymore.

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Once you download the file, unzip it and place it on your desktop. It will look like this:

Then, you can double-click it every time you want to shut down Windows or use another power option with no need to use the Start button anymore.

Download “Shut Down Windows” shortcut