DownThemAll: Firefox download manager

DownThemAll is an add-on for Firefox that will not only let you download anything you want directly from your browser but will also vastly increase the speed of your traditional downloads up to 400%.

Installation & Requirements

To install the add-on, simply download it while using Firefox and choose to allow the installation. It will then be directly installed to your browser with no further instructions from you. You will have to restart your browser in order for the add-on to take effect. The plug-in is supported in Firefox versions 3.6 and later as well as Seamonkey 2.1 and later.


When you have restarted your browser it will open in DownThemAll’s about page. Here you will be able to view some very helpful tips about various aspects of the application like mass downloads and the ability to customize your Firefox toolbar to include icons and commands from this add-on. The videos embedded in the page are extremely useful, especially for inexperienced users as they show the actions step-by-step.

There are multiple ways to download things with the plug-in. Right clicking anywhere in a website and choosing the “DownThemAll!” option will bring up the download window. You can also right click on specific links or images and choose the respective option if you do not want to go through the next steps. If you chose the first one then you will be able to see all the links, pictures and media of a webpage and download anything you want. Simply tick the boxes in the left side and press Start. The download will then be stored in the folder under “Save Files in”. To filter your downloads to specific extensions only, simply click on the Filters option and tick the file extensions you wish to download.

Another option is to use the Manager. This option offers the most control over the downloads as well as a basic file management utility. To start the download, simply click on the add button and enter the URL of the files you want to download. You can even set batch downloads this way by following the instructions on the screen. Finally, this is the only way to access the preferences which offer a lot of customization and security options, including various privacy settings, download filters and more general settings like notifications. Right clicking on the manager will also bring up an extensive context menu that will let you manage each of your downloaded files.


-Seamless integration with Firefox
-Incredibly easy to use
-Multiple download options
-Very fast download speeds


-None that would be worth mentioning


DownThemAll is one of the best download managers for Firefox out there, offering a ton of options for all your downloads at no price. If you find yourself downloading a lot of things with Firefox and you want to manage them better and download them faster, then you should definitely give DownThemAll a try.