Dr.Web CureIt!: Free, powerful antivirus scanner

Dr.Web CureIt! is one of the most complete standalone security tools in you can find. Since it is constantly updated and it is absolutely free, you can simply download it at any point and scan your computer for malicious software of all kind.

Installation & Requirements

No installation is required since it is a standalone scanner. The supported operating systems are Windows 95OSR2/98/98SE/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003/2003R2/Vista/7/8 and Window Server 2012.


After you agree to send statistical information of the scanning to the developers of the application, you can start using it.

There are two modes that the application runs in. The first mode is the enhanced one. This is suited to anyone whose computer has been heavily infected with malicious software. No other application can run while using Dr.Web in this mode so security threats cannot stop the application from scanning and removing them from the computer. However, you cannot open an application manually as well, meaning that as long as the program is running you cannot use your computer for anything else.

The other mode is the more standard one. You can either select the complete scan, which will automatically scan every folder in your computer with emphasis on the folders and files that are more likely to have been infected by malicious software or you can manually choose the folders or objects you wish to be scanned. You can even either scan very specific files and folders or simply big subsections like the program files.

The application runs in real time and informs you of the folders and files it is scanning as well as any security threats it finds on the go. The settings tab is quite elegant for a standalone security scanner, giving you loads of options on how to deal with each and every kind of threat as well as the information you want to see about the files being scanned and the potential malicious software. When the scans are done, the default option is for the program to ask you what you want to do about the threats. The application will automatically try to cure them but if that is not possible, you have the options of putting them in quarantine or simply removing them from your computer.


-A brilliant amount of options that will please even the most demanding of security sensitive users
-The scanning is fast even when it is being performed on enormous folders and files
-Support for a variety of languages
-A unique attention to detail that can be observed everywhere in the application, even in the settings where you will see the incredible amount of the scanner’s customization


-Full scan takes a long time but that should be expected


If you are looking for a truly unique and truly complete standalone security package, then you should look no further than Dr.Web’s CureIt!. You can truly see how much effort has been made to ensure that the application can stand on its own and it works wonders in finding security threats that other programs would simply dismiss. You will not find any better standalone security program, especially for free.