DreaMule: Easy P2P sharing

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DreaMule is a freeware application based on eMule that brings new features and stability to the table while also providing a major P2P sharing platform that anyone can use.

Installation & Requirements

The setup should complete very fast even on slow machines as it is pretty basic and offers few shortcut options. The supported operating systems are Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7.


The first time you run the application you will have to go through the configuration wizard. Although you can skip it is highly recommended that you complete it as soon as possible and it takes very little time. You can also use the default options and change the settings later on.

After you are done with the configuration you will be taken to the main menu of the application. The interface is divided into several tabs with the main window being the Web tab. There you can view news headlines from various resources and browse them like using a browser. It is a neat little addition that puts everything into a single package without having to use multiple applications although the browser is quite limited and slow and will only be used as a fast alternative method.

Before you start downloading anything you will have to visit the Servers tab. Although the application will try to automatically connect you to a viable server, it will sometimes fail as the servers might be full or the connection will be lost between you and the server. If you try to search for anything before setting up your server connection then you will be redirected to the Servers tab. You can choose from one of the servers on the list or configure your own. There are a ton of servers online and you can even connect directly from their URL.

When you have configured all of your option you can start searching for your files by going to the appropriate tab. Simply type the name of any file you want and the application will retrieve a list of those files if they exist within the network. You can then double click on them and they will be added to your Transfers list. You can pause and configure your downloads any time you wish as you would with any other P2P application. You can also use the advanced search settings and advanced server configurations if you are a more experienced user in order to suit the program to your own needs.


-Fast installation
-A long list of available servers
-Easily connect and search thousands of files
-Clean, modern interface


-Can be a bit slow and clunky compared to modern P2P programs


If you want to use a different P2P program that offers you various tools and networking settings then you should definitely give DreaMule a try. Keep in mind that you might have to configure a lot of the application manually though.