DriverBackup!: A lightweight backup utility

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Moving to another computer or to fresh installation usually involves a lot of hassle. Since a lot of that comes from installing the required drivers all over again, DriverBackup! makes it easy by letting you backup and restore your drivers efficiently.

Installation & Requirements

The program requires no installation at all. Simply download the archive file, extract its contents to a folder of your choice and then run the executable file found within. The applications supports all versions of Windows from XP and later. If you are running XP or Windows server 2003 you will need to manually install Microsoft’s .NET Framework 2.0.


When you boot the application for the first time it will automatically get the list of installed drivers in your computer, regardless of whether you are currently using them or not. This is precisely the reason why you should expect to see a ton of drivers in the list when it finally appears. The list is divided into several smaller categories based mostly around the system that Windows itself uses. For example, storage devices will be under “Storage Volumes”, monitors will be under “Displays” and so forth.

You can always filter the list by choosing one of the filters in the top toolbar. OEM are Microsoft devices while “Third parts” are those provided by third party manufacturers. Those two filters are mutually exclusive. The other two filters can be used together and even combined with one of the first two. Digital signature means that the drivers are digitally signed by their manufacturer while the Full portability filter will show you exactly which drivers can be backed up. As for the top menus, they will give you access to additional options like changing the language and accessing the more advanced utilities of the program like the command line interface.

When you click on any driver in the list, you will get information about that driver in the bottom of the interface. You will notice that some drivers will have Partial portability. This means that those drivers should only be used in the current Windows installation only and should be reinstalled if you want to use them in another computer. Every other driver can be easily backed up and moved to a different system and then restored using the application. The other neat backing feature of the application is the offline backing mode. This means that you can cannot a storage device to a dead system and retrieve the drivers from it. Thankfully, restoring the drivers is also very easy as you only really have to press on the Restore button and the application will automatically find the drivers that you have previously backed up.


-No installation required
-Backing up and restoring drivers is extremely easy
-The ability to backup drivers from a dead system
-Advanced command line interface


-None that would be worth mentioning


If you need to back up your drivers, then look no further than DriverBackup!. This free and lightweight utility will be more than enough for the average user and it simple enough that anyone can use it.