DriverEasy: Easy driver management

Checking and downloading new drivers is one of the biggest hassles of maintaining a computer and takes a lot of unnecessary time to go through each one separately. However, DriverEasy makes the whole process simpler by searching, downloading and installing new drivers on the spot.

Installation & Requirements

The setup for DriverEasy is simple with no more than a few basic options like shortcuts and it also completes very fast. The supported operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. You will also need to have Microsoft’s .NET Framework 2.0 or higher installed.


The visual look of the program is quite unique and pleasant to the eye. The application is divided into several tabs and the sleek interface makes navigating and using the program quite fun and easy. In the bottom of the main window you have a summary of your system information. If you click on the hardware information link you are also able to view more detailed information about various hardware parts like your CPU and your video cards. This is a feature that is sorely lacking from a lot of driver updating applications and it is a very welcome addition.

Going back to the main window, there is the Scan Now button right in the middle. Clicking on that will begin the scanning process where the application will gather information about your drivers and determine the outdated ones. When the scanning is done, it will inform you of the number of drivers that are outdated or even missing, the devices scanned and the scanning time, all in the left side panel.

Clicking on the Get Drivers button or on the Download tab of the top toolbar takes you to the next step. If you left click on any driver on the list it will give you information about the driver you are using like the version number and the manufacturer in one panel and information about the most current user in the other panel. You can then click on the Download button to begin downloading. When that is done, simply choose to install it and you are done. It should be noted that the trial version has a download speed limitation.

The Tools tab also offers a lot more utilities. Regarding your drivers, you can back them up, restore them and uninstall them. Moreover, you can perform an offline scan if your computer does not have an active internet connection. That will produce a file that you can upload later so that the application retrieves the drivers without having to search for them again. Finally, you can use the program to find and install Windows Updates.


-Fast installation
-Neat visual interface
-Extremely easy to use with guided steps
-A lot of information about the drivers and the hardware
-Extra utilities


-None worth mentioning


DriverEasy is one of the most complete driver updating utilities in the market that everyone should use. The user friendly interface combined with option for detailed information and settings is simply amazing.