DriverPack Solution: Create a bootable DVD to install and update drivers offline

Keeping drivers up to date or installing all the ones you need after a fresh Windows re-install are some very time consuming tasks. Also, novice users might be at risk of installing outdated versions and even the wrong drivers, which can affect the system’s performance and stability.

DriverPack Solution is an open-source application that can automatically install and/or update the drivers you need in an offline environment, using its rich driver database.

Installation & Requirements

DriverPack Solution doesn’t come as an installer like most applications. The program can be downloaded as an .iso file, with a size of ~4.3 GB, so you can use it to create a bootable DVD or simply run it using a virtual disk emulator.

DriverPack Solution may work on many Windows operating systems, but its driver database only includes drivers for Windows XP, Vista and 7, so these three are the currently supported operating systems.


As soon as you run DriverPack Solution it will automatically scan your system and detect if you have any missing drivers and if the ones installed are up to date. You don’t need an active Internet connection for this, since DriverPack Solution comes with its own driver database.

With Expert Mode selected in the Settings, in the first tab – Drivers –, you’ll find two categories, one that lists missing drivers and another one for outdated drivers. You can update/install individual drivers or disable them all and let the program do its job. For manual selection you can use the Smart Installation (the same install mode that you’d choose if you had a multiple selection), Manual Installation or the Search the Web function that will search for the latest driver version on the official DriverPack solution website.

With Expert Mode disabled, the program will simply let you know you have outdated/missing driver and offer a one-click fix, which is as simple as it could get for a beginner. The only problem is, that without Expert Mode using the Update All function will offer you two options : Update Drivers and install Programs and Update Drivers. If you don’t want any of the offered applications you can simply choose the second option and even select drivers only for certain components.

The application also comes with its own essential software collection in the Programs tab, which is offered for installation, although you can only install it as a bundle since selections cannot be made.

The Backup tab offers some extremely useful features. You can either backup your installed drivers or create a backup using drivers found in Driver Pack Solution’s database, but only the ones required by your configuration.

The Misc tab, only visible in Expert mode, will show a more detailed view of the drivers, namely unknown, up-to-date, obsolete and standard. Another interesting feature is the Update Configurator. This wizard-based tool lets you setup driver updates based on download type (via custom builder, torrent client or torrent via RSS) and in the case of the custom builder you’ll also be able to select only the drivers for the components that you’re interested in.


– Available as an .iso file so user can create bootable DVDs with the application.
– Automatically detects up-to-date, outdated, obsolete and missing drivers.
– Users can update all the drivers or select specific entries from the list.
– Includes a software collection with essential applications.
– Users can create driver backups for their specific configuration using the program’s database or using the currently installed drivers.


– The Update All function also offers the software collection for installation, which can be confusing for inexperienced users.
– Documentation is available only in Russian.


DriverPack Solution is a convenient way of installing and/or updating all of your drivers. Despite the fact that this open-source utility has its issues, such as the lack of English documentation and some slightly confusing options, it can update your drivers offline and it can be used from your computer or from a DVD.